About Tallgum

sueandjeff.jpgThanks for visiting us...

Are you a little weary of buying mass produced, generic items made outside of Australia? You usually have no input into the designs which can be on the traditional side. Are you also concerned about purchasing non sustainable products?

Hello and welcome to Tallgum - its so good to share our eco friendly designs with you!

We are husband and wife team, Jeff & Sue Tickner, the founders, designers, manufacturers... well everything really. Thats what a small family business is all about!

In 2020 we founded Tallgum, formerly School & Community Trophies and Gifts Australia (yes it's a mouthful, hence the name change) We had a vision to design & create products for feast days and graduations that could reflect each school's unique identity. 

We are passionate about providing schools with sustainably made, well designed contemporary products to be used to recognise spirit.

Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for design. He has taught Design Technology & Art for over 30 years in public & Catholic schools. While Sue brings a focus and passion to the customer experience. Together we make a team that is committed to working with you to create something very special for your school.